The genuine image of a home never gets total without a rich kitchen. What's more, would it be pleasant to have a secluded kitchen that shows a tasteful look as well as has inbuilt rich highlights, for example, stain and organisms opposition? Welcome the Stainless steel secluded kitchens, another player in the town. Stacked with bounteous benefits, it can truly change the abundancy of class in your kitchen. Stylistic theme Direct, one of the master measured kitchen planners in Pune illuminates this most recent craze in the market and shows the upsides of tempered steel kitchen.

Exceptionally strong

Ever wonder, why a considerable lot of the kitchens in cafes have hardened steel in each perspective, beginning right from ledges, sinks, cupboards and other extra rooms? The solidness scores for tempered steel over wood or whatever other material, which may gouge or break. Made out of high chromium and nickel amalgam steels, the odds of rusting are completely wiped out and they can withstand unforgiving states of temperature but then hold its quality. What's more, not to disregard the high imperviousness to fire of steel and it is never an issue regardless of whether you keep the sizzling griddle directly on the outside of counter.

High obstruction

To begin with, tempered steel is non-permeable and henceforth doesn't enable any kind of substance to go through it. You can set up your preferred treats in the kitchen without dreading about the stains of beet or grape juice, oils, wine or some other shading operators. Indeed, even with substantial spillages, a typical result when you are participated in the kitchen by your gurgling kids, all it requires is a wipe and you can completely set regardless of your stresses.

Simplicity of support

Everyone wants to keep up a cleanliness kitchen and wouldn't you be charmed in the event that we state that no other surface is simpler to clean than hardened steel. Whatever might be the idea of dried buildups, it can never shape an obstinate holding with hardened steel surface and effectively falls off with a swipe of wet fabric.

Presents sterile conditions

Hardened steel has normal sparkle and shine and subsequently they are not included with manufactured clean or varnish materials. Along these lines, it is never a matter of concern, regardless of whether your nourishment particles come in direct contact with the surface – they are very sheltered. Besides, as dampness isn't held superficially, it doesn't turn into a rearing ground for germs and microbes. With no stresses of surface getting ruined, you can generally intermittently sanitize them with the vast majority of the fluid cleaners or straightforward cleanser arrangement.


In this time of contamination, your commitment towards green eco would get a lift by going for hardened steel kitchen. Truly, hardened steel is totally recyclable. Also, with every one of the parts of kitchen are tempered steel, you are making an astounding showing of staying away from wood and in this way sparing Mother Nature.

Amazing structures

With the assistance of work solidified austenitic steel grades, it is constantly conceivable to make higher burden bearing limit particular kitchen segments with diminished thickness. Consequently it turns out to be simple for the originators to make intriguing plans with slight sheets of hardened steel. For example, because of the adaptability of meager yet ultra solid sheets, it is very conceivable to make the counter alongside the sink. The bit of leeway is incredible – being consistent, there are no joints between the sink and counter and subsequently cleaning gets windy.

Makes bigger & more space

One of the fascinating favorable circumstances of hardened steel particular kitchen is its capacity to reflect light from all points of the kitchen and present a deception that makes the room look like bigger and more splendid. Ofcourse, lighting is key in accomplishing this outcome and requires master establishment.

The headways in innovation have made it simpler for the originators to move hardly any scores up and render bleeding edge structures. Style Direct, having the acknowledgment for structuring useful and rich particular kitchens in Pune, makes certain to settle on you spoilt with decisions. What is more, what can be an increasingly great chance to make your kitchen 'the event' spot of your home? Drop in at any of our showrooms in Kottayam, Alappuzha, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Kayamkulam.